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Body Care  

Naturativ Body Care Cosmetics constitute a wealth of organic oils, butters, and plant extracts. Intesively moisturise, nourish, regenerate, protect the skin, and have a great fragrances.There are over 50 body products in Naturativ's offer across 8 different lines.


Revitalising Line Cranberry - Lemon (NaTrue certified). Contains Cranberry extract and Cranberry oil. Cranberry is a strong antioxidant - it delays the aging process, fights free radicals and strengthens the skin. There are nine 9 products in the Revitalizing line:

Hair Care  

Hair Care - 17products: shampoos, conditioners and masks. A gentle and effective care for your scalp and hair. It doesn't contain aggresive cleaning agents. Contains mild plant detergents and extracts to improve the condition of your hair.


Lines (shampoos, conditioners and masks):

Face Care  

Face Care is rich in all the substances desirable in modern cosmetic: antioxidants, Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, peptides, amino acids, flavonoids, proteins, isoflavones, carotenoids, natural andphysical filters, vitamins A and E. The face range includes 14 products:

Lip Care  

Lip Care Line consists of lip scrubs, caring balms, glosses, and serum. Colours and aromas in this line come from essential oils, vegetable butters and mineral pigments. 100 % natural - important for the lips. The Rose Line contains natural oil from the Damask Rose. The peeling substance in scrubs is xylitol - healthy sugar derived from birch that prevents tooth decay. Lip Cosmetics moisturise, regenerate and protect. They are composed of butters, oils, extracts and waxes. Their composition includes, among others, jojoba oil, almond oil, grape oil, beeswax, castor oil, anatto oil, coffee butter, shea butter, extract of Common Gromwell. It tightens and smoothes your lips. It contains substances (such as hyaluronic acid and Voluform ™) that give long-term and anti-aging effects. The line includes 11 products:

  • Serum for Lips
  • Moisturising Lip Gloss - 3 types: Rose, Citrus and Coffee
  • Caring Balm - 4 types: Rose, Citrus, Coffee and Grapefruit
  • Lip Scrub - 3 types: Rose, Citrus and Coffee
MEN Line  

MEN Line. Natural, effective, regenerating and soothing men's care. Our Men's Line contains cosmetics for washing, shaving and face care with a herbal and cedric scent. Masculine skin is different to female skin. It is thicker and less moisturised, produces more sebum (natural skin oils). Washed everyday, it needs calming and moisturisation. The scalp need regulation and strength. Oils, extracts and herbs, used in the Men's Line, effectively protect the skin and hair. The line includes 6 products:

Baby Line  

Baby Line - Cosmetics for children from the day they are born and the whole family. SWEET Cosmetics are: dermatologically tested (study involving infants), designed in collaboration with dermatologists and pediatricians, hypoallergenic - especially developed to reduce the possibility of an allergic reaction. They contain only those substances that are essential for the skin and hair care of babies. The SWEET line consists of 7 products:

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