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Our philosophy  





Our cosmetics are composed according to NaTrue Certification standards. After launching them on the market, we certify our cosmetics one by one. We also care about the packaging - we try to use as little packaging material as possible using only recycled and recyclable materials.

NATURATIV FOCUSES ON MODERNITY. Natural cosmetics should not have less active substances than conventional cosmetics. Nowadays, as a producer of natural cosmetics, we can choose from wide range of extensively studied, active materials with ecological certification. NATURATIV cosmetics work actively on your skin and hair.

NATURATIV FOCUSES ON SENSES. Our skin and hair care are very pleasant to use. They absorb perfectly, seduce with gorgeous scents and enjoyable appearance.



Our products  
Body care Hair care Face care
Lip care Men care Sweet care
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Our ingredients  

Among our ingredients you will find cold-pressed oils and butters, natural flower waters, sugar, plant and bees wax, plant alcohols, and biologically active plant extracts. We only purchase eco-certified and internationally recognized ingredients. We use non-refined, cold-pressed oils, which maitain all their properties. Certified ingredients provide also a guarantee that the production follows the rules of environmental protection.

Our certification  

Naturativ creates its cosmetics according to the rules of international certification organization NATRUE. At the moment, 23 of our products are certified by NATRUE and the rest is undergoing the certification process.

About Naturativ  


NATURATIV cosmetics were created in 2011. The goal was clear from the beginning: create the best eco cosmetics on the Polish market WITHOUT COMPROMISES: no parabens, PEGs, artificial fragrances, petroleum derivatives nor other substances forbidden for natural cosmetics.

NATURATIV are the cosmetics  our dreams: excellent in every aspect – very effective, wonderful in application, with seductive fragrances and purely natural.

Our customers and beauty experts share our delight and satisfaction. We have received many beauty awards.

In NATURATIV our objective is to make only natural cosmetics based both on tradition – using famous for beauty benefits ingredients and modernity – using the newest achievements in natural cosmetics and the raw materials industry.



Over 50 products in Naturativ's offer across 8 different lines. A wealth of organic oils, butters, and plant extracts. Intensively moisturize, nourish, regenerate, protect the skin, and have a great fragrances.

- Revitalising Line

- Relaxing Line

- Cuddling Line

- Hypoallegenic Line

- Home Spa Line

- Sun Fun Line

- Beautiful Bust Line

- Slimming and Firming Line



19 products. Naturativ Face Care is rich in all the substances desirable in modern cosmetology: antioxidants, Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, peptides, amino acids, flavonoids, proteins, isoflavones, carotenoids, natural and physical filters, vitamis A and E.



15 products. Gentle and effective care for your scalp and hair.  It doesn't  contain aggressive cleaning agents. Contain mild plant detergents and extracts to improve the condition of your hair.



11 products. Naturativ lip care consists of lip scrubs, caring balms, glosses, and a serum. Colours and aromas in the line come from essential oils, vegetable butters and mineral pigments. The Rose Line contains natural oil from the Damask Rose.



6 products. Natural, effective, regenerating, and soothing men’s care. Our Men's line contains cosmetics for washing, shaving and face care with herbal and cedric scent.



7 products. Naturativ Baby is  line called SWEET. Very gentle SWEET cosmetics are specifically for children from the day they are born and for the whole family. 



Naturativ Funder

Magda Hajduk
Magda Hajduk
Entrepreneur. From 2003 working in the cosmetics industry. Owner and chairman of Aromeda - natural cosmetics producer. In love with natural cosmetics and slow food. Before cosmetics worked in market research and helped foreign companies to enter the Polish market.


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