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Slimming and Firming Peeling

Light, washing peeling in the form of emulsion. Coconut and bamboo particles gently exfoliate the stratum corneum. They prepare the body for the absorption of active ingredients contained in the Slimming Balm. Perfect to use under the shower, with pepper and cardamon fragrance.

  • Green Tea Extract*- antioxidant, with anti-inflammatory and soothing properties; stimulates regeneration and cells growth,

  • Pepper and Lemongrass Oils, Cardamon Extract* - improve blood circulation and help active substances to be absorbed,

  • Coconut and Bamboo Particles* - effectively peel dead skin cells, help active substances to be absorbed,

  • Sunflower Oil*- moisturises, regenerates, heals,

  • Vegetable Betaine*- moisturises,

  • Natural Vitamin E* - antioxidant,

  • Delicate plant detergents* – clean, protecting lipid layer

    *natural and eco-certifiedingredients
How to use:

Massage the body during the shower with circular movements. Rinse. You can use the peeling every day.

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