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Relaxing Washing Gel

Mild, cleansing substances cleanse and wash the skin, without prejudicing its natural protective barrier. Extracts of green tea and hibiscus and vegetable glycerin and inulin take care of the good condition of the skin after shower and do not allow its desiccation. Relaxing Gel has a fragrance of coconut and lemongrass. Perfect for the bath or shower. Washing substances included in gel are approved for use in natural cosmetics. 

  • Hibiscus Extract* – rich in vitamin C, soothes, smoothes,

  • Green Tea Extract* - antioxidant, tones the skin,

  • Inulin* - natural polysaccharide, improves the condition of the skin,

  • Vegetable Glycerin*- moisturizes

    *natural and eco-certified ingredients

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