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Hand Balm for Men

Our natural hand balm effectively and instantly conditions dry skin. Absorbs perfectly, does not leave any sticky layer. Regularly applied, protects the skin from detergents included in conventional soaps and gels. After the first use, natural MEN Hand Balm long-lastingly moisturises and softens your skin. It has a masculine fragrance with a hint of cedar.

  • Aloe Vera Juice* – soothes,

  • Salvia* – desinfects and regulates,

  • Evening Primrose Oil* - fights aging, regulates sebaceous glands, improves elasticity,

  • Babassu Oil* – strenghtens epidermis, natural UV filter,

  • Olive Butter* – soothes, moisturises and smoothes,

  • Bisabolol* – long-lastingly soothes,

  • Hyaluronic Acid*  – long-lastingly moisturises,

  • Vegetable Glycerin*  – moisturises,

  • Natural Vitamin E*  – antioxidant

    *natural and eco-certified ingredients

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