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Revitalising Body Milky Mist

Light body lotion with aloe vera and argan oil, with refreshing citrus aroma. Thanks to the formula of mist the usage of milk is very comfortable, and makes the lotion absorbs beautifully. The mist has refreshing citrus fragrance. It moisturizes and refreshes. Perfect for the whole body. Excellent for hands. Convenient to carry in your purse.

  • Aloe Extract* - moisturises, soothes,

  • Argan Oil* - nourishes, moisturises, soothes and protects,

  • Sunflower  Oil* - strengthens, softens, smoothes,

  • Vegetable Glycerin* - hydrates,

  • Vegetable Betaine* - moisturises,

  • Natural aroma from essential oils*

    * natural and eco-certified ingredients

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