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Night Cream 40+

Modern, active, natural NIGHT CREAM 40+ FOR FACE AND NECK fighting the signs of aging. Our cream not only protects and restores collagen fibres, but also firms the skin. It restores skin hydro-lipid balance and  improves tolerance and elasticity. Improves skin firmness. Combates free radicals. Non-allergenic.

  • Elestan TM* - protects collagen fibres and restores elastin
  • Peptamide TM*  - stimulates collagen synthesis and skin renewal
  • Algomea NP R* - stimulates skin renewal, reconstructs lipids and natural protective layer
  • Argan Oil* - protects from free radicals, smoothes fine lines
  • Oryza Activ*– moisturises, protects from free radicals, rich in Vitamin E
  • Soy - has antioxidising, moisturising and nourishing properties
  • Hyaluronic Acid - moisturises, firms
  • Vit –A-Like* - stimulates collagen renewal, improves elasticity

The cream also contains rich in proteins and minerals toning Spelt Water*, Jojoba Oil*, Macadamia Oil*, Sunflower Oil* protecting skin hydro-lipid layer.

*natural and eco-certified ingredients

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