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Revitalising Foot Balm

Finally, a preparation for the harsh, dry skin of your feet. The balm will regenerate it. Natural ingredients regenerate cracked and chapped skin. They help to soften tough skin, smooth and moisturize it. They also soothe irritations. If your feet need some extra help, apply a thick layer of the balm and wear cotton socks overnight. The balm is also great for rough elbows and knees. Lemon essential oil is a refreshing agent.

  • Cranberry Extract* - fights free radicals, regenerates, strengthens,

  • Shea Butter* - moisturises and softens,

  • Avocado Butter* - oils, regenerates, protects from environmental factors,

  • Green Tea Extract* - anti-inflammatory, fights free radicals,

  • Lemon Essential Oil* - enhances the look of your skin: smoothes, strengthens,

  • Urea - sloughs off rough outer skin,

  • Natural Vitamin E* - antioxidant,

  • Vitamin A - regenerates, stimulates, nourishes,

  • Allantoin – soothes,

  • Other plant moisturising and nourishing substances*


    *natural and eco-certified ingredients

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