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Conditioner for RED Hair

Conditioner for red and auburn natural or colour-treated hair enhances the colour and adds highlights. Improves hair condition, detangling and styling. Adds richness, glow and luminosity to red hair. Best results of luminosity and colour deepening  are visible after few applications. Conditioner contains extracts from peruvian plant krameria triandra and lycopene from tomato. Krameria triandra, natural pigment, for ages has been used in medicine. Lycopene from tomato is a natural pigment and strong antioxidant. Sunflower phospholipids moisturize and regenerate hair.

Conditioner is recommended for every hair type, also dry and damaged. Does not weight down hair.

  • Krameria Triandra and Lycopene from the Tomato* – enhance the red and auburn colours, add highlights and shine, antioxidants, 
  • Sunflower Phospholipids* - nourish the hair, restore hair structure, smooth, antioxidant,
  • Vegetable Betaine* – moisturizes,
  • Natural Vitamin E* – antioxidant,
  • Other plant conditioning substances – smooth and prevent hair from picking up static

*natural and eco-certified ingredients

How to use:

Use after washing your hair with shampoo; leave on hair for 1-2 minutes. Rinse.

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