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Shampoo for DARK Hair

Gentle clearing and colour-enhancing ecological shampoo for dark hair. Dark hair are more luminous, slightly darker. The shampoo reduces the visibility of roots (even grey ones). Best results are visible after few applications. Extracts from krameria triandra, broom and walnut improve the colour. Krameria triandra and walnut have been used for ages in medicine, and also as dyes. Natural shampoo, gentle for the scalp. Contains gentle cleaning agents, moisturizing betain and plant smoothing agents. Shampoo and conditioner for dark hair are also recommended for grey hair as they give beautiful colour.

Shampoo is recommended for every hair type, also dry and damaged.

  • Krameria Triandra, Broom and Walnut Extracts* – improve the dark colour, add highlights,

  • Vegetable Betaine* – moisturizes,

  • Plant cleaning agents* – gently clean

    *natural and eco-certified ingredients

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