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Revitalising Body Balm

NaTrue certified. The balm was created from plant extracts and cold pressed plant oils and butters. It contains natural substances that nourish the skin, soothe irritations, firm and moisturize it. This balm smoothes your skin and acts as a magnificent moisturiser. After using this balm, the skin is elasiticised and smoothen. It does not leave a sticky layer on your skin and allows you to get dressed immediately. Lemon essential oil enhances the look of the skin: smoothes and cleanses it, while the fragrance refreshes your mind.

  • Cranberry Extract* - moisturises, fights free radicals, strengthens,

  • Lemon Essential Oil* - refreshes the mind, enhances the look of your skin: smoothes and cleanses,

  • Green Tea Extract* - anti-inflammatory, fights free radicals,

  • Shea Butter* - moisturises and softens the skin,

  • Babassu Oil* - elasticises, moisturises, a natural UV filter,

  • Cocoa Butter* - elasticises, moisturises, soothes irritations,

  • Hyaluronic Acid* - moisturises and protects,

  • Natural Vitamin E* - antioxidant,

  • Vegetable Betaine* - moisturises,

  • Other plant moisturising and nourishing substances*

    *natural and eco-certified ingredients

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