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Rich Body Butter HOME SPA

Rich Body Butter is designed to perfectly nourish, moisturize, soothe and regenerate the skin. Contains several substances which combat free radicals and a combination of vegetable   oils and butters which perfectly recover the lipid layer of the skin. Absorbes perfectly. It has herbal-citrus fragrance. The aroma is a mixture of essential oils. Butter can be used immediately after the bath, even on slightly damp skin. Nourish your whole body - from neck to toe. Great for cleavage.

  • Aloe Vera Juice* - soothes, increases cellular growth,

  • Goji Extract* - fights free radicals,

  • Shea Butter* – calms, protects and regenerates the skin,

  • Mango Butter* - strongly moisturises, protects, smoothes, firms and restores the skin,

  • Grape Oil* – fights free radicals, rejuvenates, soothes, anti-inflammatory,

  • Vegetable Betaine* - moisturises,

  • Natural Vitamin E* –  antioxidant,

  • Plant Emollients* - moisturise

    * natural and eco-certified ingredients


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