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Cuddling Sugar Body Scrub

NaTrue certified. Sugar scrub peels, moisturises, regenerates and cuddles with its warm-breeze fragrance. We call it Your New Skin. Delicately peels, immediately moisturises and enhances the look of your skin. Sugar, cold-pressed vegetable oils and butter make the skin smooth and moisturised. It looks and smells beautiful. Sweet, cuddling ecoaroma relaxes your senses. Apply the scrub during your bath, and there will be no need for balm or butter afterwards.

  • Sugar Cane* - peels dead skin cells and smoothes the skin,

  • Olive Oil and Butter* - smooth and soothe,

  • Shea Butter* - moisturises and softens,

  • Babssu Oil* - firms, moisturises, with natural UV filter,

  • Avocado Butter* - nourishes and regenerates, protects from external factors, including sunlight,

  • Cocoa Butter*- relaxes and soothes irritation,

  • Beeswax* - relaxes and softens,

  • Natural Vitamin E*- antioxidant,

  • Other plant moisturising substances*

    *natural and eco-certified ingredients

How to use:

Massage damp skin for a few minutes. Rinse. You can massage ebows and knees vigorously.

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